Online Casinos: Mau Mau Online

Mau Mau is probably a game, which any knows of his own childhood. You can definitely spend a few hours without getting bored with it.What many do not know is that you can now encounters Mau Mau not only in children’s rooms, but also on the Web. Therefore, there seems to be but a very large following. Even in online casinos, you can play for his money while chatting with people from all over the world.

To date, no one knows where Mau Mau comes, or when it was invented. It has still found no reliable records of the invention. However, whether it is from the 1930s or from the Middle Ages, Mau Mau is not for nothing that one of the most popular card games around.

The Mau Mau rules

There is such a game that has very complex rules and at the same time to be successful. This applies and for Mau Mau. The game is played with 32 cards from a traditional European or French deck, but can also be played with every other sheet with up to 52 cards. The winner is the one who gets rid of his cards first. His profit is proclaimed with the words “Mau Mau” and can then enjoy how the rest of the players struggling to finish the game.

When the game starts, each player receives the same number, usually 5 or 6 cards. The rest comes on a stack whose top card face up. When the actual game starts, if a card of another player on the open card fits, it may take him or her. If not, he needs a new card from the stack contracts. If the card fits, it should file them, otherwise the next turn. Once a player has reached the last card, it must “Mau” call when he is ready, “Mau Mau”.

Variations and variations

There can be strong regional rule differences, but they can be easily explained and implemented. In some versions, some cards have special meaning.